Of Sicilian origin, Lydia Virgona alias Lilith was born in Morocco, in Casablanca, her parent settled down in the South of France when she was eight years old.

Singer, songwriter, its pen name refers to the first woman of Adam who was chased away by God. Lilith is influenced since her earliest childhood by the art, drawings, paintings, photographs, and music…

Her mother and her uncle liked singing the bel canto gave her the taste of music. Influenced by Michael Jackson, she used to create ballads in the evening before falling asleep.

Then she decided to end her studies and dashed into a musical career. She met musicians from Marseille, the « Manhattan » band and recorded her first single  » Make a change « , she leaved for Paris to study in the  » Studio of the Variétés  » and performed at the same time in concerts in clubs in the “Les Halles” district.

She composed two auto produced albums:  » Pandora  » (jazz funk style) in English and  » Justine  » French variety.
Her incounter in 2008 with Alexandra Edin is going to be determining, Lilith falls under the charm, both artists have many affinities and merge musically, next year they pay tribute to Michael by composing a very emotional song
 » You’ re gone too soon ».